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Converge Pay


Streamline online payments with Converge Pay, a versatile virtual terminal platform accepting secure transactions across various methods. Manage billing, utilize buy buttons, and benefit from digital wallets for seamless operations. Save time and control costs with features like account updater and card-on-file options.

Converge Pay
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Empower your online business with Converge Payments – Virtual Merchant Terminal – a versatile hosted platform designed for seamless transactions. Accept secure payments, including debit/credit cards, PayPal, electronic checks, and digital wallets, from anywhere, ensuring quick and secure transactions. Converge’s user-friendly portal enables easy management of payment activities on any browser-connected device. Whether integrating with websites or connecting with accounting, CRM systems and banking accounts, Converge Pay offers versatile developer tools for processing payments.

Converge Pay streamlines payment processing with features like billing and invoicing, and automatic account updates. Its user-friendly interface simplifies management tasks, offering robust reporting tools for insights. Enhance efficiency, control costs, and boost customer satisfaction.

Converge goes beyond processing payments, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses of all types, integrating seamlessly with websites and other systems. Trust in Converge for reliable, secure, and adaptable virtual merchant services, bringing convenience and flexibility to your payment experience.

Converge Pay Features

  1. Billing and Invoicing: Create, send, and track quotes or invoices electronically.
  2. Buy Button: Accept payments conveniently on websites or via email.
  3. Digital Wallet: Streamline checkout processes with the latest technology.
  4. Account Updater: Automatically update expired credit card accounts.
  5. Converge Payment Gateway: Process Payments In Person and Online.
  6. Recurring Payments: Set up a recurring schedule for processing transactions.
  7. Converge Payment Gateway:Unify payments in person with online transactions.

Streamline the Payment Process: Save time, enhance cash flow, and control processing costs with built-in productivity boosters. Customize Converge Pay with your brand to elevate the customer experience.

Additional Features

  • Card on File: Securely store customer profiles and card details for repeat, recurring, and subscription payments.
  • Product Catalog: Speed up checkout and reduce errors by creating a catalog of products and services with prices and descriptions.
  • Reporting and Management: Generate standard or custom reports for easy viewing or export to accounting and management systems.
  • Administrative Tools: Add employees and assign roles based on access rights.

With Converge Pay Virtual Terminal, empower your business with a comprehensive payment solution that not only accepts payments but also enhances efficiency and customer satisfaction

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