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Law Firm Payment Processing

Law Firm Payment Processing

Law Firm Payment Processing – Your Vertical, Our Expertise

Law Firm Payment Processing – Credit Card Merchant Services – is often overlooked from an efficiency, cost and client service perspective. Law Firm Merchant Services can rise from an afterthought to a market and client differentiating factor.

Lawyers and Law Firms are urged to adapt to the growing trend of online payments and credit card transactions for legal services. While many lawyers still rely on cash and paper checks, this outdated approach can hinder cash flow and fail to meet client expectations. Legal billing and payment software has made it easier for attorneys to embrace modern payment methods.

Accepting credit cards offers benefits such as consistent cash flow, improved client experience, simplified compliance, streamlined bookkeeping, and future-proofing financial processes. Legal payment platforms like Law Firm Merchant Services are recommended as solutions designed to enhance the client experience while ensuring security, compliance, and efficiency in legal billing and accounting processes.

Law Firm Payment Processing Updates

Law Firm Payment Processing

Saving Strategies: Traditional Law Firm Payment Processing Breaks the Bank

David TolesFeb 3, 20244 min read

The traditional landscape of law firm payment processing, often entwined with practice management software like Clio, is witnessing a revolution. Clio offers payment processing for rates starting at 2.95%, and while this simplicity seems appealing, it is costly. Enhanced Interchange Plus from Vertical Merchant Services emerges as the beacon of savings, liberating law firms from the exorbitant law firm payment processing fees. Enhanced Interchange Plus offers a transparent, cost-effective alternative.…

Visa vs Mastercard Interchange

Agreement with Visa and Mastercard to Slash Credit Card Fees for Small Businesses

David TolesDec 4, 20233 min read

In a pivotal move, Canada’s government finalizes agreements with Visa and Mastercard, lowering credit card transaction feesMastercard to lower credit card transaction fees. These efforts aim to alleviate financial burdens on small enterprises facing challenges from inflation and increased interest…

Enhanced Interchange Plus

Through our partnership with leading Payment Processing Providers, we are delighted to present Enhanced Interchange Plus, which stands out as the most transparent and cost-effective pricing model, and is incredibly easy to comprehend.  Interchange refers to the non-negotiable fees charged by the Card Brand (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.).

As a merchant, you pay the interchange rate of the card along with the processor’s fixed percentage markup as a result of your industry segmentation. Additionally, you simply include the authorization fee and the assessment fee, which are always calculated at cost in a true cost plus pricing model.

You only pay the non-negotiable Card Brand Interchange fees and the payment provider’s markup arising from your industry’s segmentation, without any unnecessary extras or hidden charges. Our approach ensures a hassle-free experience, and puts money back into the merchant’s wallet.

Learn more about the cost of processing a transaction.

Enhanced Interchange Plus
Sustainable Merchant Services

Eco Merchant Services

Embracing a commitment to environmental stewardship, our sustainable merchant services go beyond transactions to make a positive impact on the planet. For every terminal sold, we pledge to plant a tree, contributing to reforestation efforts and offsetting our carbon footprint. Additionally, our dedication to sustainability extends to our web hosting partner, SiteGround, known for its green web-hosting practices.

By choosing our Merchant Services, you’re not only ensuring secure and efficient payment solutions but also actively participating in initiatives that promote a greener, healthier Earth. Join us in making a difference with every transaction, fostering a sustainable future one tree and eco-friendly transaction at a time.

Virtual Merchant

Converge offers a versatile hosted solution for secure and quick online payments. Accept various payment methods, manage transactions, and integrate seamlessly with websites, accounting, and CRM systems using user-friendly developer tools. Features include billing and invoicing, a buy button for website and email payments, a digital wallet for streamlined checkouts, and an account updater for card updates.

Streamline Payment Process: Save time, improve cash flow, and control costs with productivity boosters. Customize Converge with your brand for an enhanced customer experience.

Additional Features:

  • Card on File: Securely store customer profiles and card details.
  • Product Catalog: Create a list of products and services for quick checkouts.
  • Reporting and Management: Easily generate reports for accounting systems.
  • Administrative Tools: Add employees and assign roles for access rights.

Empower your business with Converge โ€“ a comprehensive payment solution enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction

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